Governor, Legislature should focus on broad-based tax cuts and withdraw requests for special handouts

TALLAHASSEE – Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL), the leading grassroots advocate for fiscal transparency and holding elected officials accountable, applauded the across-the-board tax relief in Governor Rick Scott’s $79.3 billion state budget but urged him to cut the hundreds of millions in corporate welfare handouts.

“In these special times of thanksgiving, Governor Rick Scott should be focused on shrinking the size of government and eliminating unnecessary regulation to protect and encourage entrepreneurs to pursue the American dream,” said state director Chris Hudson. “Adding hundreds of millions of dollars in special carve-outs to a few well-connected industries will not be the golden ticket Florida families need to keep moving forward. We applaud Governor Scott for remaining focused on cutting taxes, but encourage him and the Legislature to do everything possible to give even more money back to Florida’s hardworking families and entrepreneurs.”

Last session, AFP-FL fought alongside concerned Floridians to hold elected officials accountable for votes they took on wasteful incentive spending, and they will watch closely how lawmakers work towards meeting the needs of taxpayers in the upcoming session. Lawmakers and citizens can keep up with AFP-FL’s top priorities by visiting for all the policies that matter most to the 164,000 activists across the state.

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